The Jungle Book

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 the Jungle Book

Jenny Wren Productions present
Adapted by Elise Heaven and Jenny Wicks

Warning! Wild animals at large! Watch your back around the Cotswolds this summer as Jenny Wren Productions let wolves, tigers, bears, and even a python loose at a theatre near you. OK, so we’re monkeying around – this all-singing, all-dancing menagerie might steal your picnic but they won’t actually bite! You are in danger, however, of exposure to silly humour, slapstick and even some serious storytelling. Darker than Disney, closer to Kipling, this is The Jungle Book in all its gory glory – Good hunting all!

From the company that brought you Around the World in 80 Days, Twelfth Night and last year’s Robin Hood, The Jungle Book is ideal for anyone school-age, work-age and upwards. 


There’s no business like monkey business…


"One of the funniest, quirkiest bundles of talent ever to lighten Gloucestershire’s doorstep" - Cotswold Life.





Remember, Remember

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Announcing our new show and autumn tour!


Jenny Wren Productions,


in association with the Everyman Theatre,




Remember, Remember


By Holly Tonks


In the back room of a London pub, an unlikely group of men plot to overthrow King James I. We all remember, remember one of them; Guy Fawkes, the man with the big hat, dodgy moustache and explosive personality, but is he really the one whose effigy should be burnt every November 5th? Caught in the act, was he the real revolutionary, or the ringleader's puppet? Fast forward 400 years and Jenny Wren Productions investigate what it means to be the "Guy" everyone remember, remembers. This new play from the company behind The Hound of the Baskervilles and Burke and Hare is guaranteed to go off with a bang!


Flyer for Remember Remember show



Robin Hood

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Jenny Wren Productions presents

By Joe Hackett

“Beware outlaws! They are a plague, and a pestilence, and a blight.”

None more so than Robin Hood: he’s bold, he’s brave, he’s keen (and he’s rather smug).

Jenny Wren and her Merry Men take on the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham in this new adaptation of Robin Hood. As he strives to win the Golden Arrow and the hand of the valiant Maid Marian, Robin and his motley crew entertain all the family with our own brand of action, adventure, astonishingly attractive actors and… appalling green tights. From the company that brought you Oliver Twist, Around the World in 80 Days and last year’s Twelfth Night.

It’s just Robin, and some men, and the forest… Perfectly delightful. 




Burke and Hare

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Jenny Wren Productions presents

How many times can one actor get killed during one performance? Find out in this brand new comedy based on the infamous tale of William Burke and William Hare. The murderers who sold their victims' corpses for anatomical research get the Jenny Wren treatment - three actors playing all parts and maybe, just maybe, stretching the truth. Quite a lot. In fact, Burke and Hare has a hysterical, rather than historical, basis. From the company that brought you The Hound of the Baskervilles, Oliver Twist and, most recently, Twelfth Night expect many murders, many men called William and many more accents.

You know you’re in for a treat with Jenny Wren” – Cotswold Life

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Twelfth Night

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12th night

Jenny Wren Productions present

Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Greetings from Illyria! Jenny Wren Productions invite you to join us on our jaunt into the land of Shakespeare. We promise an action-packed sojourn involving everything you’d expect from a group of actors of an evening – cross-dressing, a couple of fights and some drunken revels. Throw in a shipwreck, much unrequited love and a classic case of mistaken identity and your entertainment is complete. A small cast work their yellow cross-gartered stockings off to play all the characters between them – all for your diversion.

“Why, this is the best fooling, when all is done!”



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