The Canterbury Tales

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Chaucer made modern by Phil Woods

Hot on the heels of their recent open-air tour of Sense and Sensibility, Gloucestershire-based Jenny Wren Productions bring Chaucer to raucous life in their Other Space debut. This fine band of merry fellows and wenches will stage a number of the Canterbury Tales in a variety of fashions. The Wife of Bath, the Reeve, the Miller and others will entertain you, outrage you and, at times, jolly well teach you a lesson.
Although we do not doubt our audience's sound comprehension of Chaucerian English, we will perform in a modern-day lingo to make the great man a) proud and b) turn in his grave at different moments. A 'verray parfit' night out and a must-see for GCSE and A-level students.

"In its Studio Theatre debut the company... have transformed Chaucer's words into a raucous calvacade of modern day fables. Classrooms can make heavy weather of The Canterbury Tales, but with puppets, songs and a pocketful of slapstick they navigate the stories deftly into our times... Tuning them into modern ears can be a tall order, but one well met by the cast, directed by Jenny Wicks in a hugely entertaining and enjoyable production."
Lystra Maisey, the Gloucestershire Echo

A Servant of Two Masters

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Jenny Wren Productions present a tantalising new local adaptation of Italian classic ‘A Servant of Two Masters’.


  • One servant
  • Two masters (one posing as her dead brother)
  • One bride
  • Two suitors


Mix them all together and you’re in for a sizzling hotpot of wooing, drooling and duelling – right here in Gloucestershire. Feast your eyes on this.

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Dr Korczak's Example

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If it weren’t for you, Dr Korczak, and for the home, I would never have known that there are honest people in the world. That I can tell the truth. That there is justice.”

Jenny Wren Productions return to the Studio with the haunting tale of Dr Janusz Korczak and the children he cared for. Korczak was a good man who ran an orphanage in the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, amidst the horror and injustice of the Nazi occupation. He influenced not only the lives of hundreds of orphans, but his writings also became the basis for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Based on a true story, David Greig’s beautiful play will uplift and inspire, just as Korczak did, even through the terrible reality of their situation. With its use of Brechtian techniques and puppetry, this production is ideal for secondary school pupils, but thought-provoking for all.

“I’ve trained them well. For a perfect world. How will they survive this one?”

The Pygmalion Project

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You have no idea how frightfully interesting it is to take a human being and change them into a quite different human being… It’s the most absorbing experiment I ever tackled.

Jenny Wren Productions take the Pygmalion model and give it a 2009 twist. The company that brought The Canterbury Tales and Dr Korczak’s Example to the Studio  now recreate the story of Eliza and Higgins – with a few surprises thrown in.

With all the wit, wordplay and wisdom of the original, The Pygmalion Project is a work in progress…

I shall make a duchess of this draggle-tailed guttersnipe.

With apologies to George Bernard Shaw!

A Child in the Forest

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by David Goodland from Winifred Foley
"Wild, sweet days, spent in a small mining village in the Forest of Dean... Before the motor car had taken over from the horse and cart and before they built the Severn Bridge."

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