Burke and Hare


Dramaturg: Tobias Smith

How many times can one actor get killed during one performance? Find out in this brand new comedy based on the infamous tale of William Burke and William Hare. The murderers who sold their victims' corpses for anatomical research get the Jenny Wren treatment - three actors playing all parts and maybe, just maybe, stretching the truth. Quite a lot. In fact, Burke and Hare has a hysterical, rather than historical, basis. From the company that brought you The Hound of the Baskervilles, Oliver Twist and, most recently, Twelfth Night, expect many murders, many men called William and many more accents.

“You know you’re in for a treat with Jenny Wren” – Cotswold Life

Around the World in 80 Days


By Mark Brown, adapted from Jules Verne

“I shall bet twenty thousand pounds… that I will make the tour of the world in eighty days or less. That is, in nineteen hundred and twenty hours, or one hundred and fifteen thousand two hundred minutes.”

The punctual and particular Phileas Fogg and his faithful manservant Passepartout race against the clock with the incompetent Detective Fix hot on their heels. Typhoons, runaway trains and a terrifying Apache tribe are amongst the tribulations they encounter as they travel to exotic and far-flung corners of the world – Suez, Singapore and San Francisco to name but a few. Join Jenny Wren Productions on their slightly more local journey as they tour around the open-air venues of Gloucestershire in a few less than 80 days. 5 actors play 39 characters in this fun-packed, fast-paced, family-friendly adventure from the company that brought you The Three Musketeers and A Child in the Forest.


A Servant of Two Masters

'Fawlty Towers meets Shakespeare' in Jenny Wren Productions' 2008 summer show. The company that brought you Cider with Rosie, The Importance of Being Earnest and Sense and Sensibility now present a tantalising new local adaptation of Italian classic A Servant of Two Masters.

One servant

                  Two masters (one posing as her dead brother)
One bride
Two suitors

Mix them all together and you’re in for a sizzling hotpot of wooing, drooling and duelling – right here in Gloucestershire. Feast your eyes on this.

A Child in the Forest


by David Goodland from Winifred Foley

"Wild, sweet days, spent in a small mining village in the Forest of Dean... Before the motor car had taken over from the horse and cart and before they built the Severn Bridge."

The true story of Winifred Foley's Forest of Dean childhood: The daughter of a miner in times of strike, poverty was rife, but this is a tale of fond memories, of family and friends and a girl with a lust for life and a strong sense of fun. Follow Poll as she grows from the girl wearing too-big bloomers, being chased by a bull and praying Father Christmas would bring her a doll, until her departure to work in service. A Child in the Forest evokes the innocence of a bygone era and the idyllic surroundings without forgetting the hardships and hunger.

'Jenny Wren Productions put on a jolly and entertaining show... Humorous and poignant, comic and tragic, this was a great night out and praise must go to all the cast, especially the younger members.' Joyce Matthews, Gloucestershire Echo, July 2009.