Burke and Hare


Dramaturg: Tobias Smith

How many times can one actor get killed during one performance? Find out in this brand new comedy based on the infamous tale of William Burke and William Hare. The murderers who sold their victims' corpses for anatomical research get the Jenny Wren treatment - three actors playing all parts and maybe, just maybe, stretching the truth. Quite a lot. In fact, Burke and Hare has a hysterical, rather than historical, basis. From the company that brought you The Hound of the Baskervilles, Oliver Twist and, most recently, Twelfth Night, expect many murders, many men called William and many more accents.

“You know you’re in for a treat with Jenny Wren” – Cotswold Life

12th Night



By William Shakespeare

Greetings from Illyria! Jenny Wren Productions invite you to join us on our jaunt into the land of Shakespeare. We promise an action-packed sojourn involving everything you’d expect from a group of actors of an evening – cross-dressing, a couple of fights and some drunken revels. Throw in a shipwreck, much unrequited love and a classic case of mistaken identity and your entertainment is complete. A small cast work their yellow cross-gartered stockings off to play all the characters between them – all for your diversion.

“Why, this is the best fooling, when all is done!”


The Mysterious Gentleman

Jenny Wren Productions present


Written by Jarek Adams and directed by Jenny Wicks

John Nevil Maskelyne was a master magician. His illustrious career began when he exposed charlatan spiritualists in Cheltenham Town Hall. He then went on to create illusions that amazed Victorian audiences, and still astonish people today. But why did he explore dark magic? Were his powers supernatural? And who was the "Mysterious Gentleman" in black? This new production uses a combination of stage magic and theatre to tell the story of this Cheltenham-born showman.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Jenny Wren Productions Ltd presents


By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Adapted by Steven Canny and John Nicholson

"Holmes, this is no time to panic."
"Goodness me, Watson, this is the perfect time to panic!"

Like a dog with a bone, Jenny Wren Productions' highly acclaimed and entirely irreverent version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic tail The Hound of the Baskervilles returns! Three actors work like dogs to play all the characters in this fast-paced, barking comedy that will leave you howling with laughter! Our heroes Holmes and Watson show dogged determination as they take on the terrier-fying case of The Hound of the Baskervilles. Their investigation leads them to follow the scent of escaped convicts, country yokels and suspicious-looking men (and women) with suspicious beards, and to pick bones with some of the more eccentric members of the Baskerville pedigree.

We’ll try not to make a dog’s biscuit of it, as we’re hoping for a round of appaws at the end.

"Yes, writers Steven Canny and John Nicholson, aided and abetted by director Jenny Wicks and her wonderful Jenny Wren Productions company, have stolen Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic story and beaten it about the head with humour" Cheltenham Echo.


Oliver Twist


By Jeremy Brock

‘The scene, the workhouse; the time, night; and the place, that cruel hole where miserable drabs gave birth... A boy was born there… I speak of one named Oliver Twist.’

An innocent boy falls in with a gang of ruffians in a dog-eat-dog world… but enough about the actors! Dickens’ classic tale of poverty and pick-pocketing, privilege and prosperity is given the Jenny Wren treatment, as a small but perfectly formed cast unravel the secrets of Oliver’s past, portraying all the colourful characters he meets on his perilous path. Expect laughter and tears, surprises and fears; but not Lionel Bart’s musical – we can’t sing!

Previous Jenny Wren Productions include A Child in the Forest, Around the World in 80 Days, The Pickwick Papers and last year’s Brief Encounter. What’s that you say? You want some MORE…? Well, look no further – ‘Oliver’s in town’.

Praise for previous Jenny Wren Productions: “Humorous and poignant, comic and tragic… a great night out” Joyce Matthews, Gloucestershire Echo




Brief Encounter

Noel Coward's


Adapted by Emma Rice, of Kneehigh Theatre Company

"I've got something in my eye."
"Please let me look. I happen to be a doctor."

Local theatre company seeks audience for evening of entertainment under the stars. Chance meeting between sickeningly beautiful couple (in that 1940s way) leads to brief but all-consuming affair of the most romantic kind. Meals out, cinema, messing about in boats and good old British afternoon tea with cake guaranteed - for them, anyway. All played out in a railway station tea room under the watchful, or rather, nosy, eyes of an ensemble of larger-than-life staff, armed with sparkling wit and even a song or two.

Jenny Wren Productions bring Milford Junction Tea Room and Noel Coward's classic love story to an open-air venue near you. Previous productions include A Child in the Forest, Around the World in 80 Days and last year's The Pickwick Papers.

Chair or blanket, picnic, tissues (if you are so inclined) and GSOH required.

"Humorous and poignant, comic and tragic... A great night out."  (Gloucestershire Echo)



Out of the Mist


Jenny Wren Productions, in association with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, present


by Alan Tyson

Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham Ladies College

'Time was when seafarers’ lives were in the hands of God… but beyond all human aid.’

Based on true events, Out of the Mist dramatizes the history of the RNLI. A tale of pluck, poignancy and peril on the seas.
A tribute to, and in aid of, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.